Cellular Bonded Streaming Technology

Cellular bonded Live transmission


Flying Features proudly offers Cellular bonded streaming technology as part of our commitment to ground-breaking technology. This technology allows production greater control over live transmission with more flexibility than ever before. The light, small form-factor of the transmission units mean they are easily transported & a breeze to use on the go in high-paced, action environments.

Flying Features offers end to end connectivity. We are one of the few, wholly independent companies in Australia that has the ability to both send & receive live transmission paths using our end to end service. As part of an international network of providers, we can link up with virtually anywhere in the world to connect you, Live.

With up to 20mb/s, 4 channels of embedded audio, IFB as well as many other features, our units are equipped to handle virtually any environment. Further to this, Flying Features can transmit live from a helicopter thanks to our certified aircraft antennas that fit to the exterior of the aircraft allowing even greater range & performance.

Our cellular bonded systems have been utilised for live sporting events, network news, corporate AGMs, light entertainment tv shows as well as an alternative to RF links for a number or live events.

Our systems are available as a package with our other services or dry hire depending on the requirement.