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GSS cinema pro

GSS Cinema Pro Australia

The Cinema Pro is the creation of Gyro Stabilized Systems (GSS), a gimbal manufacturer based in California, whose principals have over 70 years of gimbal design experience.
Flying Features selected the Cinema Pro for its superior stabilization, full look down capability and ability to carry many digital cinema cameras with a wide range of lenses from Angénieux, Canon, and Fujinon. Being a lightweight unit, manouevrability and rate of climb of the aircraft is optimised, leading to more potential for you to design incredibly dynamic sequences achieved quickly and easily by our award-winning DoPs.
Forever in pursuit of new & exciting ways to film, we're excited to offer you this ground-breaking camera system.

Technical Specifications


Sony F55 | RED Helium | RED Dragon | RED Epic | ARRI Alexa mini

| sony p50 |

More camera options available upon request.


CANON 17 - 120 mm Cinema lens
CANON 30-300 mm Cinema lens
ANGENIEUX Optimo Style DP 25 - 250 mm
CANON 50 - 1000 mm cinema lens
Fujinon 42 x 9.7 Broadcast lens fujinon 46 x 9.5 UHD lens

More lens options available upon request.

5 axis stabilization | 360° continuous pan | +30°~ -120° tilt

+/- 120° roll | 18-33 volts dc | 29.5 kg (minus payload)

2 hour rig time

approved helicopter mounts

AS 350/355
Bell 206 A/B/L
Bell 407

high definition solutions

gss cineflex v14

Cineflex Australia

The Cineflex V14 has become the staple of HDTV aerial filming worldwide. Developed in the USA, it has been used worldwide on a huge number of television productions.
Incorporating a Sony HDC - 1500 camera, the cineflex has proved itself to be a great asset to the HD television industry. Having been around long before the introduction of the cineflex, Flying Features' operators are the most experienced gyro-stabilized camera operators in all of Australasia.

Technical specifications

camera : Sony HDC 1500 | Lens : Fujinon ha42 x 9.7

camera formats : 1080 - 4:2:2, 50p, 60i, 50i, 30psf, 25psf, 24psf

5 axis stabilization | 360° continuous pan | +25° ~ -140° tilt

+/- 45° Roll | 28 volts dc | 30kg

2 hour rig time

approved helicopter mounts

AS 350/355
Bell 206 A/B/L
Bell 407

Cellular Bonded Technology


LiveU Australia

Flying Features offers the game-changing LiveU system as a valuable addition to land, sea & aerial filming. Together with our CASA approved antenna system, LiveU can be used as a video assist straight to video village to keep production moving. Additionally, the LiveU is capable of transmitting vision & audio to practically anywhere in the world allowing the director/agency to be miles away while not missing a second of the action. Our LiveU system is extremely flexible & adapts to all manner of environments, whether in conjunction with our equipment or as a stand alone complement to a use of your choice. Call us today so we can assist with your Live Transmission needs.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Inspire 3

DJI Inspire 3

Built for professional cinematographers, the Inspire 3’s full-frame Zenmuse X9-8K Air camera delivers cinema-standard 8K video in CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes RAW with authentic colours via the DJI Cinema Colour System. DJI Inspire 3 delivers 7 years of technological advancement and innovation in one incredible package optimised for professional film and TV production with the Zenmuse X9-8K Air camera.

Flying Features has long been the premium choice for aerial filming & the addition of UAVs to our fleet of aerial cinematography platforms further cements our passion & dedication to getting the shot. Offering both helicopter & remotely piloted options, Flying Features is uniquely positioned ensuring the right platform is used to get the shot.