Flying Features offers the very latest aerial camera systems in Australia, together with over 30 years of aerial cinematography experience. The GSS Cinema Pro is the most advanced aerial cinema camera platform available, capable of capturing supremely stable and silky smooth imagery in a lightweight carbonfibre package.
Our vast experience in aerial filming, combined with our relationships with trusted film pilots and helicopter suppliers, makes us a full service provider that can bring your creative dreams to life.

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With over 30 years combined experience in aerial filming, Flying Features is truly unique in being Australia’s most experienced aerial cinematography company.

Aerial DOPs Peter Davis & Adam Huddlestone formed Flying Features in 2013 after many years refining their craft both in Australia & internationally. The experience of the team has seen them use a vast variety of technology, from the primitive options back in the 1990s to today’s cutting edge aerial cinematography solutions. With a shared passion for aerial filming, they have kept abreast of technological advancement which has led to Flying Features being integral to some of the biggest productions both domestically & internationally.

The team are extremely passionate & enthusiastic about aerial filming. Flying Features is adept at providing a full service operation with the aerial DOP being your point of contact from the planning stage through to completion, making the process more efficient overall & ensuring that every detail is addressed.

No film shoot can operate without an exceptional safety standard, Flying Features crew are accredited with Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET). Flying Features only engage trusted pilots & helicopter suppliers to ensure that equipment & personnel meet an excellent standard of safety.



When you think of aerial filming, what is the first movie scene that springs to mind? Perhaps it’s the chilling opening scene of The Shining or the action-packed rooftop motorbike chase featured in Skyfall? As a commonly used film technique, there are innumerable movies and music videos that have been made all the more memorable due to the talented work of aerial cinematographers.

Aerial filming is one way to make a serious, lasting impression. As a perspective we don’t often get to experience in day-to-day life, viewing the world from the air is one way to make a serious mark on your audience.  

If you’re looking to make an impact with aerial filming in Australia, make sure to work with the best and most professional team. With a combined 30 years of experience between them, an expansive list of top-tier clients and access to cutting-edge technology, the team at Flying Features can ensure you get the perfect shot, every time.

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What is aerial filming?

Aerial filming is any shot that is taken from the air. Aerial shots can create memorable visions for your audience and are used to frame the scene for a variety of reasons. In Australia, we are truly blessed with an abundance of incredible landscapes and cityscapes alike to take advantage of — ideal for creating exceptional aerial sequences.

How much does an aerial filming cost?

Aerial filming is not new, but it has come a long way in recent years. And while the use of drones has made getting aerial shots easier for many filmmakers and producers, most drones don’t have the same capabilities as a helicopter with a specialised camera and mount or our very own CineTruck. If you’re after unbeatable aerial filming shots that a drone just isn’t able to capture, then make sure you get in touch with the professionals at Flying Features and we can provide you with a quote for our aerial cinematography services in Australia.

What are the advantages of aerial filming?

Aerial filming is used for a variety of reasons and has many advantages, depending on your requirements. An aerial shot can be used to showcase a breathtaking landscape, to give the audience a new perspective, and to create totally unique, uninterrupted footage.

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