rock-solid cinematography on the move

The CineTruck is designed with flexibility in mind. The Ford Ranger’s capabilities make it the perfect workhorse both on and off road. The gimbal is mounted on a Griptech isolating arm which allows the vehicle to take on more bumps and uneven surfaces without compromising the stability of the gyro-stabilised gimbal. Our gyro-stabilised gimbals cater for all formats from HD broadcast, through to 8K cinema. With the rigging contained within the confines of the vehicle, tracking shots can be achieved without road closures or permits, should the subject matter be appropriate.

The CineTruck is also able to have a link or RF video assist added so that footage can be viewed in real-time in either a Television OB truck or a video village on set.

The adaptability of our gimbals as well as the CineTruck means that we are able to shoot aerials & tracking shots on the same day with very little turnaround time for rigging. The CineTruck is an exciting platform that offers creatives a plethora of possibilities for capturing motion in motion.