Inspire 3 in action

 If you’re a filmmaker or content creator looking to capture exceptional footage, you can trust that Flying Features will produce pristine drone cinematography. With over 30 years of experience in aerial filming, we’re award-winning aerial cinematographers who work with both high-end helicopters and drones to achieve your shot list quickly and efficiently. 

When you enlist our team for drone services, we’ll be able to capture whatever type of footage you require — whether it be expansive scenic views, beautifully symmetrical lookdowns or aerial panoramas that deserve a spot on the big screen. 

Our drone filming services use premium, high-quality equipment to create silky-smooth and breathtaking sequences with a variety of focal lengths available for you to explore. 

Why you should trust Flying Features’ drone filming and photography services 

Flying Features is fully insured, has decades of aerial filming experience, and possesses a CASA approved Aerial Operating Certificate. We use advanced, cutting edge equipment and collaborate with all of our clients to ensure we bring their vision to life. As part of our drone filming and photography services, we’ll capture and produce footage that you can showcase and share with fellow content creators and audiences alike. 

Get in contact and let us take care of your drone cinematography

Searching for a renowned drone filming company with a highly skilled and accredited team of experts? We’re here to help you create and produce unique content that will delight your clients and bring to life their vision. No matter how large or small your drone film project may be, get in contact with us today for premium drone filming services in Australasia. You can email us at